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Call us on

0418 344 935



Precise Concrete Cutting & Drilling

Our services encompass a wide range of concrete solutions to meet your specific needs. We specialize in:


Expansion Joints

Our expert team is skilled in creating clean and precise expansion joints, ensuring structural integrity and safety.


Trench Cutting

Whether for utilities or plumbing, we can efficiently cut trenches to accommodate your requirements.


Core Drilling

We offer core drilling services for plumbing and electrical needs, using cutting-edge equipment to create holes of various sizes with precision.


Wall and Floor Penetrations

Trust us for the seamless cutting of wall and floor penetrations, ensuring a professional finish.

Wire and Caulk Loops

Our expertise extends to cutting wire and caulking loops for automated doors, enhancing security and access control.

Concrete Bursting

In situations where machinery can't be used, we offer concrete bursting services, removing concrete safely and efficiently.

concrete trench cutting

State-of-the-Art Equipment

We employ low-emission saws, electric handsaws, ringsaws, and wall saws capable of handling both internal and external cutting.

Concrete Slurry Removal

Concrete Slurry Removal

Our commitment to a clean and safe work environment includes the ability to vacuum and remove concrete slurry from the site.


Where We Serve

We are dedicated to serving Melbourne metro and the surrounding suburbs. Whether you’re in the heart of Melbourne or the outskirts, our skilled team is ready to meet your concrete cutting needs.